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Anonymous: is your url named after - arianrhod, the welsh goddess of the moon who is also known as the inspiration or muse for many artists, poets and creative souls, and that featured in the welsh oscar nominated Hedd Wyn ffilm?!

yes! I first came across her in the jenny sullivan books when I was a kid & in the mabinogion - where her name is spelled aranrhod. in the mabinogion she’s just a regular witchy princess and a lot of the stuff about her being a “celtic goddess” is just appropriative neopagan BS so watch out for that, but her story is still very cool (as are all the witchy princess stories). I haven’t seen that film but might watch it now - thanks!

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Reminder for those who don’t know, if you have a vagina, make sure to urinate immediately after you have P-in-V sex.  Bacteria can get in your urethra during P-in-V intercourse so as soon as you are done having sex, go to the bathroom go pee, even if it doesn’t feel like you need to, because even a little pee can flush out the bacteria and prevent a UTI.  I didn’t know about this and I got a UTI from my first time, and it was super awful and uncomfortable and unfortunately even those with good sex education rarely learn info like this.  I want everyone with a vagina to know how to prevent it because UTIs suck hard.  That is all.

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Now I’m all worked up and listening to Dafydd Iwan, fuck it. If I end up going into Welsh politics out of some sort of misguided sense of duty then someone please promise to drag me by my feet back to London.

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Anonymous: Honestly curious, how do English students have privileges over Welsh and Scottish students? If anything, English students are being politely mugged...

I’m so tempted to take the piss out of you for “politely mugged”, but I won’t because however ridiculous you sound, you’re asking an important question. English students have privileges in the quality of their education and in the very different cultural attitude to learning, which is too anecdotal to go into here. Education in Wales has been recognised as the worst in the UK and there’s a huge disparity in the numbers of students getting good GCSE and A-level grades between countries. I fucking left the country because I wanted a good education, because there was only one school that would offer philosophy and that was about 3 hours away from me. Schools can’t afford to hire teachers for the subjects that get taught in English schools, or to buy the same facilities. Compare the English education budget of £56bn to the welsh one of under £2bn (though Wales spends a greater proportion of its budget on education - compare a total budget of £695bn to £15bn). Also, culturally, there’s a poorer attitude to learning, less/no expectation of success, and far more pressure to not leave home for university, at least where I’m from. (Which, by the way, have been heavily influenced by English Tory policies and earlier efforts to Anglicise the education system, which is why I got so angry at your last question). I’m not saying that all of England has an advantage over Wales - I’m guessing the North will have a similar situation (and a pretty good case for devolution within England, imo) but there are definite economic and cultural barriers to education in Wales that students in England don’t have. You’ve got to recognise that devolved countries have particular problems and really struggle to fund their public services to the same standard as England - though I think the Assembly has done brilliantly this last term in cushioning the worst of Westminster policy.

Look, I know it sucks to be charged triple what people a few years before you were paying and to have a really meagre amount of non-repayable support, but that’s not a good reason to shit on students across the borders. If you’re pissed off then put the pressure on your government to follow Scotland and Wales’ examples on higher education. But don’t pretend that you’ve got the worst deal in Britain because I promise, that’s really not fucking true. (And not to mention it’s really disrespectful to the communities who are paying the price for English policies now and the kids who were beaten at school for speaking the only language they knew.)

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had a pretty bad dissociative episode today and I’m still feeling pretty awful. really scary and triggering. didn’t end up doing anything stupid, thankfully, but it was more intense than I’ve had in years. trying to make the shitty feeling go away with gilmore girls and takeaway.

I’m still trying to write every day and it’s starting to come a bit more naturally. (just grin and bear it until I’m better)

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I am not this body. I am? I am all physical, visible - to think of it makes eyes cry that aren’t mine. I am, I am? I am a person without a body. I am a body without a person. I am nothing coexisting. I am a scarecrow: a knot for a nose, all straw packed and needle-eyes for air. I am flammable. I will ignite with the brush of a hand, a familiar voice, a furrowed brow fixed on coal eyes, the fantasy of fire trapped inside cold, flaking rock. I am anticipating destruction. I am running towards it, open-armed, open-mouthed to the sky and screaming, Set me alight! My sightless eyes see flames licking feet - my feet? I can’t feel - but they’re turning into ash in dark-eyed daydreams. Crows do not venture near these feet (can they see the fire too?); they walk in circles around, waiting until the wind gets in between these brittle bones of straw and scatters them around the field for next year’s nest. There will be a new person in my place: made of sterner straw, tight blue twine around the extremities. The dreaming ash will circle the new figure and mock what calls itself mine.

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spent the last hour having my arms covered in camouflage makeup. couldn’t completely hide them but hopefully it’ll reduce the gawp factor when I show my arms. the doctor was so lovely and even gave me a fiver to buy the makeup!! first solo hospital appointment = success.

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yup!! like don’t even get me started on the mines. Wales could use a lot more than some university grants as recompense for putting a generation out of work and destroying hundreds of communities.

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Anonymous: I understand the frustration of that anon though. One of my friends lives like 20 miles from the Scottish border and has to shell out £9k/year for a degree, whereas his friends further up north get it all for free. English people shouldn't suffer just bc we're geographically closer to Cameron & co. God how I hate him. (Also jealous of you and your grants, ngl.)

Yeah, it’s a raw deal - though bear in mind that English students have advantages over Welsh/Scottish ones and are far better represented at the top universities. Hope our age group has enough sense to vote the Tories out next year, anyway. (But also I’m really proud that our lil assembly had the guts to stand up to them).

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had this person tried living in wales for over a decade???? me thinks not


and tbh I don’t think an english person has much right to say something a welsh person gets as a result of devolution is “disgusting” considering the centuries of demolition of welsh culture, language, economy and villages by the english. but that’s just my nationalist two cents.

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Anonymous: well that's disgusting. you shouldn't get that much just for being welsh.

devolution is really a kick in the balls sometimes ain’t it

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Anonymous: over 9k grant? how is that possible? i get the max amount, which is just over 3000

annual bursary from the university: £3300
first year bursary from the university: £1000
welsh government grant: £5161 (should get all of it)

wherever you study the max amount should be £5161 plus anything from the university? or is that wrong? (I’ve checked this several times and about 90% I’m entitled to that much).

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No, take all the money. It is no interest loan. You might need it, put it in an ISA.

nah, it does have interest. decided against it (I think. I can’t imagine having a problem with money with the grants.)

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According to the online calculator I’ll get £9461 non-repayable grant money and accommodation there is £3500 per year including dinner, which leaves like £6000 for other living costs - way more than I’ve spent living in London and that’s with the ridiculous transport here.

I think I’ll skip the maintenance loan? Please tell me now if I’m making a big mistake.

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